Since the year 2007 Simenco has been an important supplier for ORMIT. Not only in their in-company programmes, but especially in their Multicompany Programme. The competitors in this programme are all academic graduates in Business Adminsiatration and Economics, who are selected based upon very high standards. During a two year’s period the selected talents work for the largest Dutch companies and follow a course of education, assessments and coaching.

An important part herein plays the two-day management simulation which Simenco delivers, to be played live on location. Thus, direct feedback can be given to the participants. Not only on their business performance, but especially on the team’s processes and coping with the pressure. They learn that working together in a management team is essential: “When you look at the cases and relations you experience how everything is connected. Having success individually in your role a manager, does not automatically mean that you are successful as a whole, as a company.”

Of course – in close cooperation with ORMIT – the participants have to face a very challenging scenario. This enables the participants to get to know themselves even better, which is a lasting experience. Like participants say: “This is very applicable because the dynamics of the individual process as well as the team dynamics are identical to daily practice.”
Over and over these sessions are rewarded with excellent scoring and reviews.


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