About us

Simenco is the specialist in serious games: innovative simulations for educational purposes and transformation processes. In serious games, players are a part of a fictional company. They’re being challenged through problems they take decisions on, problems they resolve. That is how, within the safety of a game, participants learn about the consequences of their actions.



Simenco was established in 2003, but we have been developing and implementing simulations since 1994 (including management games/business games) for educational, training and change programmes in The Netherlands and abroad.


Our vision: learning business by doing business

We believe that people learn the most if they experience the impact of their decisions. That’s why the principle ‘learning business by doing business’ is central to our serious games. Participants’ experiences are key. After all, these experiences are what players will apply to their daily life. Simenco provides insights into the participants’ experiences, to both the player and the client.


24 years of experience in designing simulations

While Simenco was established in 2003, our team has been working on designing and implementing simulations – including management and business games – since 1994, for educational, training and transformation programs throughout the Netherlands (and beyond). Time and time again, we achieve the most innovative and effective concepts for our clients, through the powerful combination of simulation and the latest internet technology.


A good conversation

Would you like to know more about what Simenco can do for you, or would you like to see our games for yourself? Feel free to get in touch. An effective solution starts with a good conversation.


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Key persons

Frank Wattimena

Nikola Pavloff

Jeroen Hövels