Teambuilding & Events

To let a group of people work together efficiently, you need social connection, trust and good group dynamics. But how do you create such a firm basis in a team?

With teambuilding.

This well-known concept can be applied in a wide variety of ways, from karaoke nights to getting yourselves locked up together in an escape room.

Even though these are fun ways to build relationships, it is also possible to combine teambuilding activities with business or study-related learning goals. Killing two birds with one stone.

Simenco’s serious games let employees or students work together to make important decisions in a simulated world. Participants work on their social and collaboration skills and they also learn the ins and outs of business in practice.

Serious games and teambuilding

There are few work fields in which you do not have colleagues. Whatever your job is, chances are that you have to work with others. Weighing interests, empathy, and assertiveness are essential skills you need when dealing with other people. And these are best learnt in practice.

However, making big decisions in practice can feel daunting to starting professionals. And building a steady relationship with team members you do not know yet works better in a safe environment than in a situation where major interests are at stake. Cycling with training wheels is a more comfortable place to start.

Simenco offers this start with serious games that, over the years, have proven to be highly effective in teaching essential skills and teambuilding. In our games, teams battle against each other in a simulated world. The competitive aspect makes participants fanatic and enthusiastic. In a short period of time, players get to know each other in a way that would not happen in practice.

Simenco offers serious games in various shapes and sizes. Existing games can be used as they are, but they can also be adapted to perfectly match your specific learning objectives. The games can be played with 20 to 100 people and can be complemented with various online and offline activities.

Added value for participants:

  • Get to know colleagues or fellow-students better.
  • Acquire useful professional skills.
  • A fun and valuable experience.

Added value for the business:

  • A stronger connection between colleagues.
  • Learning goals are reached in an efficient way and in a short period of time.

Practical examples

Province of Overijssel

  • Purpose: Talent development, practicing integral policy planning and developing administrative sensitivity
  • Number of players: 50
  • Length: 2 days
  • Game: Openbaar Bestuur Simulatie (English: Public Administration Simulation)
    Each team represented a unique municipality with its own characteristics: Zwongelo as an old trading city, Enschemo as a student city, Devenberg as an working-class city, Raaltom as an amalmagation with an agricultural profile, and Kampwijk as a surrounding municipality with many highly educated commuters. Based on the participants’ talents that were established in a previous programme, each participant chose one of three possible roles: member of the board, political advisor or project leader. The goal for each team was to form a stable college and creating policy that was in line with the municipality’s political affiliation.

Economic and business study associations EBF, START, EFR and Aureus

  • Purpose: Demonstration of strategic and analytical skills
  • Number of players: 60
  • Length: 1 day
  • Game: Student Business Battle 2015
    The battle was organized in the historic and atmospheric West-Indisch Huis in Amsterdam. Each team led a smartphone producing multinational. Their challenge was to outsmart the market and competition by gathering valuable information.
    The students were observed by consultants and recruiters of two real-life companies: financial service provider Delta Lloyd and the well-known consultancy agency Ernst & Young. Besides being granted the honor of winning the battle, the game provided the ultimate opportunity for students to meet these companies and vice versa.

Two interesting assignments were developed for the companies regarding their areas of expertise. Students could gather information from Ernst & Young about improving their business regarding margins and growth. Delta Lloyd counselled the teams on comparing corporate and liability insurances in order to protect their processes.

Teambuilding with Simenco

Are you interested in using a serious game to reach your learning goals or would you like more information? Feel free to contact us. We will gladly talk to you about which solution suits your situation best.