Management Development Programme

A management development programme is used to train and educate future managers. It helps beginning managers to familiarize themselves with leadership activities. And it does so in a very practical manner that seamlessly suits their (future) working situation. Simenco’s management development programme includes a business game: the perfect tool to link theory and practice and to speed up and improve the learning process.

A management development programme is tailor-made and is therefore available in various designs. That is why a programme is not only very suitable for starting professionals, but also for students and businesses with large, existing management teams. Would you like to know more about what our management development programme can do for your organization? Then keep on reading.

Purpose of the programme

In a management development programme, participants move through a simulation and learn how to handle problematic situations relating to, for example, teamwork, project management, and management disciplines. Players experience the effects of certain decisions and learn to deal with uncertainties. The programme can be undertaken by groups, but also individually.

Aligning marketing and production, the difference between revenue and expenditure, competing or collaborating, and long term versus short term. These are some examples of realistic situations that are covered in the game. Participants do not just consider theoretical concepts; they have to actively apply them in these situations. Afterwards, they can review their performance, which is determined by their own decisions and their environment.

TSM and have used our management programme. You can read about it in this article.

Learning with nextOne business game

nextOne business game is one of our most popular serious games. It was developed in close cooperation with business professors and professionals. In the game, participants face the challenge to manage a multinational company in a competitive market. What makes the game unique, is its incremental gameplay. Players start with just a few decisions and results. Then, as the game progresses, the data set expands every round. That is how performance in the game is closely related to an actual understanding of the world of business.

Advantages of nextOne business game:

1: Participants can start right away and do not have to read a manual first.
2: The first iterations move quickly, which helps players to get into the ‘flow’ right from the start.
3: Complexity is built incrementally, causing better understanding and fewer mistakes.

Simenco’s Management Development Programme

The greatest advantage of nextOne business game combined with a management development programme, is that players really feel and experience what happens in the game. They discover which situations they can encounter in real life and learn how they can handle them in the workplace.

Do you have a question about this programme or about our nextOne business game? Then feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.