Serious finance games for tomorrow’s finance professional

In order to understand how healthy and profitable a company is, you need to know about numbers and financial status. A finance game can help you with that. Simenco offers various serious games for students, that aim at increasing knowledge about finance. Our game FinFun, for example, helps high school and college students get acquainted with the world of finance. The game’s sequel CoffeeChallenge deepens their understanding of the concepts. The power of these games lies in their close connection between financial learning goals and the games’ challenges.

In this article, we’ll explain more about our finance games and what they could do for you.

Financial serious game FinFun

In this game, players are responsible for a business and are challenged to make their own decisions. The consequences of these choices are clear immediately. In this way, students know right away whether sales are good and which aspects of their business they could improve. Freedom of choice and quick insight in the results makes the theory come to life. In a game, the theory appeals much more to the imagination than any book assignment ever could. And this results in madly enthusiastic students with whom the subject is much more likely to stick.

Advantages of the FinFun finance game:

1: Students get to know complex sales concepts in a playful manner.
2: Because of increased motivation, students spend more time on the subject matter.
3: The integrated learning experience helps students to a better understanding of the material.
4: Understanding of financial concepts is tested with personal, objective assignments.

One topic that is very popular with students is drawing up a balance sheet. In the game, this activity is presented in a fun way that allows students to start working on the balance right away. FinFun is mostly about the principles of finance and the basic concepts. It is often used in vocational education and the final year of pre-university education.

CoffeeChallenge finance games

The sequel of FinFun is CoffeeChallenge. This game builds on the participants’ financial basis and goes into the subject matter in more depth. CoffeeChallenge is available in two versions:

  • Advanced finance.
  • Sales edition.

CoffeeChallenge: Advanced finance is the sequel of FinFun, and expands on the theory. This game has been developed for higher education courses with a module about finance and accounting. The power of the game lies in its close connection between the (more advanced) financial learning goals and the game’s challenges. Students have to make their own decisions in this game as well. They are responsible for their business and battle with competing teams.

In the game CoffeeChallenge: Sales edition, students do not just focus on finance, but also learn about marketing and sales in the b2b market. In this game, players develop their sales skills and develop and execute creative sales actions. They also create sales content. Skills that are all crucial for sales professionals and that have been closely aligned the game.

Finance games with Simenco

Are you interested in one of our finance games? We will gladly help you choose the best option. Together, we can determine which finance game is best suited for your students and we are happy to guide you through the process, all the way from choosing a game up to the actual simulation. The finance games, which have been developed in close cooperation with (sales) professors in higher education, can be used in different forms.

If you have any questions or if you would like our advice, do no hesitate to contact us. We will gladly give you personal advice.