Serious Games

Serious games are interactive experiences, with a demonstrated ability to speed up the learning process and boost knowledge retention. They motivate participants to effectively implement changes, in simulated environments. Simenco offers both ready-made and custom games, for a wide range of situations – from 10 to 100,000 players, from games lasting half a day to multiple months.


Want to get the most out of your game? Custom games are the ideal solution: flexible, yet reasonably-priced.

Direct available

Simenco offers an array of interactive serious games, which have a track record in education, business, and the public sector. The games are immediately available, easy-to-use, and come with full support.

Finance games

In order to understand how healthy and profitable a company is, you need to know about numbers and financial status. A finance game can help you with that. Simenco offers various serious games for students, that aim at increasing knowledge about finance. Our game FinFun, for example, helps high school and college students get acquainted with the world of finance. The game’s sequel CoffeeChallenge deepens their understanding of the concepts. The power of these games lies in their close connection between financial learning goals and the games’ challenges.

CoffeeChallenge: Sales edition

Our serious game CoffeeChallenge: Sales edition presents an interactive and realistic experience that motivates students of sales and account management to learn.


An online serious game, in which players take the role of the management team of a smartphone producer. The team takes strategic, tactical, and operational decisions in a high-tech market. The aim: improve business results and beat the competition.

CoffeeChallenge : Advanced finance

CoffeeChallenge is a business game for Finance and Accounting modules of higher education courses, developed in collaboration with the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Students play it as a standalone game or as a continuation of FinFun, individually or in teams, competing against other students.


Students take on the role of the management team of a soft drink factory struggling with disappointing sales. TB-Challenge is developed specifically for technology management studies (in collaboration with teachers) to stimulate entrepreneurship and management awareness.


Students take on the role of the management team of a soft drink factory struggling with disappointing sales. T-Challenge is developed specifically for higher education (in collaboration with teachers) to stimulate entrepreneurship and management awareness.

FinFun : financial serious game

FinFun (Finance Fundamentals) is an online serious game. This game was developed by Simenco together with HBO teachers, specialized in Financial and Management Accounting. Unique features being a very close connection between the finance learning objectives and the challenges in the game and the assignment module.

Public Administration Simulation

In this simulation, players take the role of the Mayor and City Council Members of Amerdoorn: a fictional, average Dutch town. The players are challenged with exercises in defining and implementing policy, with the aim of being re-elected. The teams are assessed based on financial and social performance, as well as the satisfaction of the town’s citizens.

Mission To Mars : Projectmanagement

A computer-based simulation, in which participants experience the dynamics and complexity of project management. The players, divided in teams, are to lead a space-expedition to Mars. Will they meet the project deadline and stay within budget, while at the same time guarding the mission’s success and the safety of the crew?

Information Security 360

The participant, playing the role of a consultant, is about to finish a client project. While the player is checking off the last to-dos at the office, on the road, and at home, he or she is faced with several challenges and decisions. Will the participant demonstrate secure information behaviour?

Spot the Scam

In this game, participants learn to recognize and prevent phishing-attempts. The game alternates between interactive challenges and an informative animation video, which explains the most common phishing methods.

Nike Supply Chain Game

This game challenges Nike-employees to understand the complexity of Nike’s worldwide supply-chain. During the game, which is used by Nike’s Supply Chain University, employees from around the world face various logistical challenges.

SVB Family Affairs

A simulation about service, commissioned by the Social Insurance Bank. This game makes employees aware of the importance of good service, and the contribution employees can make in this regard.

GS1 Category Management Game

Jointly developed by Accenture and Simenco. In the game, retailers and suppliers swap roles, to become more aware of the need to collaborate, to achieve individual business objectives.

New-Joiner Fundamentals Simulations

An interactive video concept for new employees of an international consulting firm, which helps players prepare for their first client project.

DecideWise Assessment Game

This online assessment game, commissioned by GITP, assesses participations on their decisiveness. The online assessment is a validated alternative to the traditional questionnaire.

Essent Energy Chain Game

This game increases chain awareness of new employees, by placing them in a different role in the demand-supply network. Participants are assessed on the combination of revenue growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

HR Scheduling Simulation

This simulation is about the dynamics and complexity of assigning consultants to client projects. What are the main KPIs to monitor? How do you combine personal goals with company objectives?


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