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Custom games

In case your learning goals cannot be met with the use of an already developed management simulation there is of course the possibility to develop a game to your specific needs. Sometimes an adjustment to an existing game will do, or we can develop a new game, tailor-made upon your wishes. As the name suggests, no two tailor-made programs are similar, but in general, we distinguish the following components:


Thorough research is of the utmost importance when developing a successful game. The research will define the functionalities and the goals of the game. All this of course in close cooperation with the client.


One always will have to remember that a game is a model based upon reality. When designing the simulation this will mean many choices on what to in- or exclude. Reality consists of many relations and factors. A well-designed model is a simplified reproduction of a relevant part of this reality, to make this accessible, understandable and yet manageable.


The development phase is the period in which the game is actually produced. This also includes the facilitator’s materials. The closure of this phase comprises an extensive test procedure.


In this phase it is crucial to organize the facilitation of the game, apart from the actual execution of the management simulation. The goal is of course not only to have a smooth running game, but above all to be able to translate the game experiences to the predefined learning goals.