Tailor-made business games

Do our existing games not meet your organization’s specific learning needs? In that case, you might be better served with a tailor-made game: an adjusted version of an existing game, or a newly developed game.


How do we create your custom business game?

While no two tailor-made programs are similar, in general, we distinguish the following four components:


Thorough research is crucial in the development of a successful game.

The research, conducted in collaboration with the client, will result in defining:

  1. The function and audience of the game;
  2. The aim and goals of the game;
  3. How users can achieve these goals.


A well-designed game model is accessible, understandable, and easy-to-use for participants.

It is important to note that a game is merely a model of reality, a complex web of relations, connections, and factors. During the design, we select and define the limits for a simplified version of (the relevant part of) reality.


During this phase, our specialists develop the game. This also includes the facilitators’ materials. This phase is completed after extensive testing of the software.


During the last phase, both the actual execution of the simulation and the facilitation of the session(s) are crucial. The aim is to not just create a good game, but a game that meets the predefined goals.


Would you like to know more?

Simenco develops business games for different organizations. Would you like to know which game is most suitable for your organization? Are you looking for a custom made game? Feel free to get in touch.