Tailor-made to Nuon’s wishes Simenco has developed an introduction programme. Nuon is in the business of generating, marketing, selling and distributing electricity, gas and heat for well over 2.8 million customers and as such one of the largest energy suppliers in the Netherlands. It is a complex company that is the result of mergers of a great number of (government) companies with nearly 10,000 employees.

The fast changing energy market and the complex nature of the company has far-reaching consequences for the HR policies. It is crucial that Nuon attract, retain and train the right staff with the right skills. It all starts with the introduction programme, in which new employees get to know about the Nuon vision and strategy and the tasks of the various divisions.

Nuon College, Nuon’s own training centre, has asked Simenco to develop a few new cases for the Nuon Introduction Game. A number of times each year, a day programme is organised for all new employees to participate in. The main part of that day is the Nuon Introduction Game.

This game consists of 4 cases, each lasting one hour, and they deal with the dynamics of the 4 most important divisions. The employees form groups and make a number of decisions and the simulation model calculates the consequences of their choices after each case. An experienced employee then gives feedback about the case. The day is concluded with a presentation of the Nuon Award to the team with the highest score in the game.

The experiences of both the Nuon College and the participants are very positive. The active and team-focused working method for enthusiastic new employees means that not only are learning objectives achieved, but motivation and commitment are also given a huge boost.


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