In addition to continuous customer satisfaction surveys, the SVB carries out several internal projects that must realize this ambition. In that context, she asked Simenco about the possibilities of a simulation, with which the focus on a service setting can be stimulated internally. An important precondition was that all SVB employees, from the Board of Directors to the front office, could participate in the same program.

After five months of preliminary research, design, development and some pilots, the sessions started with the online simulation ‘Family affairs’. In two hours of workshops, all employees of the SVB were presented with five cases in the simulation. The decisions taken by the participants to ‘solve’ the cases resulted in scores on five service indicators: internal and external customer satisfaction, efficiency, legitimacy and employee satisfaction. The main purpose of the simulation was to allow the SVBs to experience what quality of service means and what contribution they can make actively, individually and collectively. Increasing customer awareness, therefore, throughout the organization, from top management to front office.

In addition to the development of the customized ‘family business’ simulation, the SVB has asked us, together with its internal trainers, to take care of the execution of all 250 workshops. In four months all workshops were carried out with a total of 16 trainers.


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