Game Design Workshop

In a day (or part of day) we develop a first prototype of game concept that aligns with a custom learning goal set by the client. This workshop requires close collaboration between the game designers (Simenco) and the subject matter experts (Client).

A typical setup of a day is:


  • Start with playing of a small game
  • Changing the rules of an earlier played game to increase the learning goal and/or to increase the player engagement.
  • Simenco presentation on Serious Game Design
    • What is a good game design?
    • How can you integrate learning in a game design?

Game Concepts

  • Dividing the workshop participants in to teams and start with initial concept ideas.
    • Working with the format for serious game concepts.
    • Handing out the inspiration cards to start the brainstorm.
  • Teams present their initial game concepts to each other.


  • Participants start by developing a playable prototype.
  • Iterations of play and re-design by the teams themselves.
  • Teams play each others’ prototypes and score them with the game design score template.

Day closing and a plan to proceed with the game concept.

Some examples of workshop that we have facilitated include:

House of Performance
HoP is a consultancy firm that wanted their employees to learn more about the potential of serious games and see if and how Serious Game Design can benefit their consulting practice. After a successful 1,5 day workshop in Cambridge (UK) this even resulted in the start of a new Gamification Practice within HoP. is one of the many tech firms that originated in the Netherlands and is now leading a global industry. For we facilitated a one-day workshop to generate innovative game-ideas om how to train employees on Information Security.

For ASML we facilitated a one-day workshop to apply game-formats to design new learning solutions for three actual business issues.

Jumbo Retail Stores
Jumbo was looking for expertise to redesign their current Introduction Program for new employees. We proposed and executed a one-day workshop with some immediate enhancements and a template for future improvements.