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CoffeeChallenge: Sales edition

Our serious game CoffeeChallenge: Sales edition presents an interactive and realistic experience that motivates students of sales and account management to learn.

Together with sales professors in higher education, we have developed a sales game with a variety of options for integration in education programs. The serious game is suitable for fully digital curriculums, but also for blended education including accompanying assignments.


In the serious game, players develop their all-round sales competences: they work on and execute creative sales actions and create sales content. Abilities that are crucial in their (future) careers as sales professionals.

The combination of skills, creativity and content in one game provides an interactive and uniquely challenging learning environment. The sales game integrates these different aspects of sales and account management in close alignment and therefore accurately simulates reality.

Students directly see the outcome of their actions while playing. Are sales going well or is there room for improvement? This quick insight in results combined with freedom of choice brings the theory to life, more than written assignments ever could.

The result? More enthusiasm and better incorporation of the theory.

Benefits of this serious game:

  • Students get to know complex sales concepts in a playful manner.
  • Increased motivation, which results in students spending more time on the subject.
  • The integrated learning experience helps students to a better understanding of the material.
  • Understanding of sales concepts is assessed through personal assignments.


In the sales game, the player is part of a sales team. Together, the team members open a coffee store in the center of a bustling city. Students deal with employees, suppliers, banks and even the option to open more stores. And all of this in the midst of a competetive race with other coffee stores run by fellow students.

The next step in the game is to reach even more customers by entering the online market. The teams focus on selling packs of coffee beans to both small and large companies by, among other activities, conducting sales conversations with major customers.


Performance assessment is not just about profit. Customer and employee friendliness and sustainability are also important factors. Because the sales professional needs to become familiar with the human-side of the sales world.

The player’s performance is assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Profit – Net profit 
  • People – Customer and employee satisfaction 
  • Platet – Sustainability rating 

Execution forms

This game suits different types of education programs. The sales game itself is completely digital en can be played 100% online.

By combining the game with accompaning assignments, such as conducting sales conversations, it is also very suitable for blended or hybrid education. Different variations of the game have been developed and are available.

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