Using management simulations for management training

Managing a company, department, or a team is a subject in its own right. Sure, a manager could learn it over the years, through trial and error. But a more effective way would be to simulate daily management reality. That way, (future) managers gain experience handling various situations in a relatively short amount of time. In a safe environment, without direct consequences for the organization. 


Learning how to handle problematic situations

Management simulations mimic reality and teach users how to handle problematic situations, for instance when it comes to teamwork, project management, and management disciplines. Users experience the consequences of their actions and learn to deal with uncertainties.


What management simulation suits your organization?

You’re looking for a management simulation that fits with your organization and employees. Simenco offers standard management simulations, as well as adapted versions and newly developed games, fully adapted to the requirements and goals of your organization.


For junior and experienced managers

Not everyone is equally experienced as a manager. That is why Simenco develops simulations for both experienced and junior managers. Have a look at our product range, to see which ones are available for a demo.


Experience it for yourself

Want to find out which serious game suits your organization? Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Or would like you to like experience the games for yourself? Feel free to get in touch.