Management games for (future) managers

Becoming a manager requires experience – experience employees can obtain through management games. In these games, users apply their theoretical knowledge, laying the foundation for successful leadership.


What is a management game?

Management games offer an engaging link between practice and theory. By playing these games, users apply theoretical know-how in a simplified version of reality. (Potential) managers get a chance to test their knowledge, without directly bearing responsibility for the running of a real organization.


Insight into management potential

Managers take tough decisions, of which the effects are not always known upfront. Playing a management game provides users with insights into the consequences of their actions. These lessons are valuable to the user, and they also give organizations an indication of their employees’ management potential.


Standard or tailor-made

Simenco’s management games are based on valuable learning experiences and providing insight into management potential. Simenco develops both standard and custom-made games for a variety of industries – including yours. Have a look at our existing games, which can be modified to your needs, or opt for a completely new, tailor-made game.

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Experience it for yourself

Do you have questions about management games? Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Or would like you to like experience the games for yourself? Feel free to get in touch.